About Electric Bikes Guildford

Electric Bikes Guildford (EBG) was initiated by Chris and Annie Ogle in 2014 and the shop was opened on January 27 2015.

In February 2020, the business was sold to Chris Harlow, who had been working part-time in the shop for a couple of years. The new Chris has a life-long passion for 2 wheels. After a brief and somewhat unsuccessful attempt at bicycle racing, he discovered motorbikes, which took him in a different direction at a rather different speed. Chris couldn’t keep away from pedal power for too long though and soon discovered the joys of mountainbiking. Whilst being a successful freelance web designer, he was never too far from two wheels and when the opportunity came up to work with Chris Ogle at Electric Bikes Guildford, he jumped at it.

Chris brings with him a passionate family team of Clare, Kate and Mark, Each with their own expertise outside the bike world, including cinematography, nutritional therapy, veterinary nursing, photography, food growing and book keeping.

In the shop we a range of bikes to suit everyone and every use. We stock around 70 bikes including commuters, full suspension mountain bikes, hardtails, hybrids, Dutch bikes (Gazelles), folding and cargo bikes.

The shop is open 5 days a week, (closed Tuesdays and Sundays) with no appointment required. We will explain to you the benefits of electric bikes and we will help you choose the right bike for you. We are very low key. There is no time pressure and please ask as many questions as you want. You can try the bike out in the car park behind the shop, or in the surrounding roads and we will take you for a spin if you would like to go further.

If you want the bikes delivered we can do this. We do this personally in our zero-emission electric van and don’t charge within a 15 mile radius from the shop. We make sure that you are happy with all the controls etc before we leave you. We will then do an initial service for free after 6 to 8 weeks.

We also hire bikes, so you can try before you buy. Hire rates are from £30 per day and if you buy the bike we will deduct the hire cost from the price of the bike.

We service the bikes and in the event of any problems we will get things rectified. We offer a very personal service and we are proud of the comments that we have received from our customers.

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