Nissan Bishops – Our Electric Van

Those of you who have received a delivery from us recently may have noticed this exciting new addition to our team. Our electric van makes it even easier for us to keep our service of free delivery to most of our customers. But it also helps us fulfill one of our goals at Electric Bikes Guildford. More e bikers not only means more people can enjoy the great routes available around Guildford or turn any commute or shopping trip into a fun opportunity for exercise. It also means Guildford can be greener and contribute less damage to the environment by offering an alternative to petrol. In aid of this, we’ve partnered with Bishops Nissan of Guildford to ensure our delivery of your bikes doesn’t undermine that objective.EBG Van

The benefits of electric vehicles like our new van are fantastic. First of all, they have zero emissions, so the greenhouse gases associated with petrol vehicles are eliminated. Secondly the energy source is renewable, further reducing their carbon footprint. And the electric engine means that the van is virtually silent, so even noise pollution is reduced.

We’re very proud of our new van and look forward to driving it to see you soon! In the mean time, Bishops Nissan have a fantastic offer of a courtesy electric bike if you bring a car into service.

Nissan have also written an article about us!