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11 February 2018

Hub or Crank Drive Motor for your Electric Bike

There isn’t just one way to translate power from the drive unit into your ride. Hub motors and crank drive motors represent the two most common varieties of motor to provide the assistance which defines the boosted power of electric bikes. There is a lot of information and confusion out there. As specialists in electric bikes the aim of this article is to try to clarify matters for you without being too technical.

You’ll find both varieties on our bikes, and while we’d happily recommend bikes that have either motors, there are important differences worth considering before purchasing your bike. Read more

3 February 2018

Which Bosch Motor?

Bosch powers an enormous number of the bikes we sell at Electric Bikes Guildford, and features across the whole spectrum of types, from monstrously powerful mountain bikes to lightly built urban city bikes. This article aims to explain the different Bosch motors available and also explains why we have come to so heavily trust a drive unit manufacturer you may have first seen on the front of your washing machine or power drill? Quite simply, their motors provide some of the most powerful, reliable, and responsive assistance available…read more

8 January 2018 – The speed restriction on Electric Bikes

We are often asked about the speed restriction on electric bikes. The law in the UK, which is taken from European regulations, means that the maximum speed that a motor can assist you to is 15.5 mph (or 25 Kph). You can go faster than this under your own steam or going down hill and there appears to be a 10% margin of error …read more


Moustache Speed Pedelec - the 27 Friday Speed

Moustache 27 Friday Speed Pedelec


 2 January 2018

We are feeling positive about electric bikes for 2018. Customers are increasingly aware of electric bikes often because they know someone who has one – and who raves about it. If you know someone who has an electric bike and you have never used one then ask them if you can have a go – or come to our shop and you can have a test ride. It is only by trying one that you can see how good they are.

Today we had a customer in the shop who came in saying that he was looking for a bike with a throttle because he finds pedalling hard. We explained that while there are bikes with a throttle, for it to be legal, you still need to pedal for it to assist you faster than 4 mph and that the amount of assistance with a Bosch motor is so much – upto 3 times the amount you put in that it really makes pedalling very easy, even if you are carrying and injury. He tried out a Scott E-Sub Cross 20   and to use his words he was ‘blown away.’ He now realises that he does not need a throttle and indeed likes the idea that he will be getting some exercise especially if he is riding the bike in Eco mode.

There is no doubt that the number of electric bikes will continue to grow and while the UK is way behind some other parts of Europe we will start to catch up if even slowly. Today the Railways in the UK announced yet another increase in fares and yet reliability is not improving and it is getting even harder to get a seat. More and more people will give up travelling by train and the car for many is simply not an option because of the busy roads. An electric bike for many commuters is a great solution.

Any comments on this would be very welcome.


30 December 2017

Our last day in the shop in 2017 and a couple of things which I believe are indicative of what will be happening in 2018.

First of all a sale of the Tern Vektron S10.  This is the Bosch mid-drive excellently produced folding bike. It is not cheap but we think that the quality of the bike speaks for itself.  We have been waiting for a Bosch motor folding bike since we opened the shop and the Tern certainly lives up to expectations. We think this is going to be a great seller in 2018.  We have one in stock, so do come and see it soon in the New Year.

Second we had a customer who makes a 5 mile commute in Surrey and has decided that the car is no longer viable – traffic horrendous, finding somewhere to park is a nightmare and monthly running costs are £300. He is going to give it up and get an electric bike. People buy an electric bike for many reasons but we think that we are going to see more and more of them as a direct replacement for the car. This is good for us of course but it is also good for the environment and good for our customer who will be better off and healthier.


29 December 2017

As we approach the New Year we have put a number of 2017 bikes on sale.  These include the Scott e-silence Speed 20, reduced by £500. This has the Brose system. This is more discreet than the Bosch and, according to Brose, is quieter and subject to less vibration. Personally I think the Bosch is very quiet and I have not noticed vibration, but I guess every marginal gain is a good thing, or so we used to believe.

Other bargains include the Scott e-aspect 720 – this also has the Brose system and the Gazelle Heavy Duty – an excellent Heavy Duty bike and perfect for someone who wants something a bit traditional.

We have some great Moustache mountain bikes on sale including a full suspension Samedi 27 Trail Off 6. We love the Moustache bikes. They are quirky and very stylish. Moustache have a zero-base approach to design. Nothing is a given and if the right component for the bike does not exist then they will make their own. Our only complaint are the names. We still get confused by them so I can only imagine how confusing they are for customers.

Plans for 2018

We have plenty of thoughts about the next year. Electric Bikes continue to grow in popularity. We have seen big changes in the market’s perception since we opened the shop three years ago. When we first opened the doors people used to come in and  ask what electric bikes are. To be honest that does still happen but to a much lesser extent. But there is still a lack of awareness and people are still surprised by the quality of the bikes and the fact that they can look like ‘normal bikes.’

There also remains some confusion about the ‘throttle.’  The throttle is something that found its way onto bikes in the UK but not in Europe. This meant that there was a disconnect between the UK electric bikes and European where they are all pedal assist. At the start of 2016 the UK came in line with the rest of Europe so that the throttle could no longer be used on its own, i.e. without pedalling, at a speed faster than  4 mph. If you are pedalling you can still use the throttle to supplement the your efforts. This means you can apply virtually no pressure to the pedals and you can use the throttle to take you right up to 15.5 mph. To us this is a bit daft and it seems to be a complete get-around. However, we do see that for people who cannot pedal the throttle is a useful addition. What always surprises people though is quite how much assistance the motor gives you, so there are very few people who actually need a throttle.