Test Riding an Electric Bike

Test Riding an Electric Bike with Electric Bikes Guildford

Riding an electric bike is a different sensation from a ‘normal’ bike. It really needs to be tried before the difference can be appreciated. The assistance of the motor gives a sensation of extra power (it was first described to me as ‘the Daddy hand’). With controls at your fingertips, how much or little assistance you get is easy to change. You can shoot up a steep hill faster than any lycra clad cyclist on razor thin wheels, or you can travel in a more sedate manner taking the variations in gradient and path surface at a pace that remains comfortable to you. To get an idea of how this would work individually, we encourage everyone to test ride an electric bike.

Test rides can usually be accommodated any time the shop is open and often without notice. We have a car park behind the shop that is ideal for comparing different models and working out your ideal size.