Bosch Fast Charger for E-Bikes

Fast charger for your Bosch e-bike.


Fast Charger for Bosch e-bikes

Bosch have brought out the Fast (6 Amp) charger which compared to the standard 4 Amp charger will reduce the charging time by up to 50%. So if you have forgotten to charge the battery or you are stopping for lunch on your ride and you need to top up the battery quickly, then the Fast charger is ideal.

The standard charger will charge a 500Wh battery in 4.5 hours from flat. The comparative time for the Fast Charger is just 3 hours. In 1 hour you can charge a 400Wh battery to 50% capacity.

The Fast charger is just marginally bigger than the standard charger at 200 X 90 X 60 mm. Including the power cable it weighs less than 1 kg.

The charger comes with a two year warranty.

If you only need the Standard 4 Amp Charger it is available here.