Bosch Nyon Retrofit Kit


Bosch Nyon Retro Kit now reduced to £319

The Nyon is the ultimate bike computer compatible with Bosch electric bikes with GPS and Sat Nav. We have reduced the price now to just £319.

A great upgrade to your Bosch ebike.

The Nyon display is available on some of the higher end models. With this kit, including display, controller and fittings it can be retro fitted to your Bosch System electric bike to replace the Intuvia or Purion display and we would be happy to do that for you. It is also very straight forward to do yourself and comes with a good set of instructions.


The display has 3 modes: Ride, Fitness and Navigation.

The Navigation is a full GPS and you can upload maps from all over the world. You can plan your route in advance using the Nyon portal and then load it onto the Nyon or can you share routes with your friends. If you add the premium funtion ‘topo range’ it will even calculate the range of your battery based on the topographical features of your remaining route. This is far more accurate than the standard way of calculating the range, which is just based on the last 500metres.

With the Navigation tool you can select from 3 routes: Fastest, Most Picturesque or the e- mtb route, mostly trails.

The fitness mode is your own personal trainer. It will calculate your calories burned and also measure the pressure applied to the pedals and your cadence and hence calculate your power. This is the ultimate measure of your fitness and is a fantastic attribute to have at your fingertips. You can also connect to an optional heart rate monitor to ensure that you are training in the right zone. After your workout you can connect to the portal e-bike connect to monitor the effectiveness of your training.


There is also a dashboard where all the important data can be viewed at a glance.

The Nyon can be synced to your smart phone and a pop up message will appear telling you that you have received an SMS.

£363.00 £319.00