Bosch Powerpack 500 for Rack

The rack mounted 500 watt hour lithium ion battery for your Bosch e-bike system.  Upgrade your Powerpack 400 to this battery to give you 25% more range for just an extra 4% added weight. Of course you can also carry this as a spare.


The battery will now offer  you a range of between 40 and 100 miles, depending on the level of assistance you choose, the terrain etc.


The battery is the lightest in its class (2.6 kg) and is the fastest charging of all e-bike batteries. It will fully charge from flat in 4.5 hours and will charge to 50% in less than 2 hours.


As a lithium ion battery the capacity will reduce over time and the Bosch warranty is for two years or 500 full charges, whichever comes first. At this point they warrant that the battery should not be less than 60% of its original capacity. Bosch have also said that they expect the battery to last for between 5 and 7 years.

Battery Management

The battery management system (BMS) means that the battery will not overcharge if left in a charger as it will turn itself off once it has fully charged, The BMS also means that if the battery is left for an extended period, it will go into a sleep mode so that it will not discharge.

Dangerous goods surcharge

Please note the price includes a dangerous goods surcharge (charged to us by our supplier) of £37 + vat.