Bosch Standard Charger for E-Bikes


Standard Charger for Bosch e-bikes.

If you need an extra charger to leave at the office for ensuring you are fully charged, this is the solution.

Weighing in at just 800 g this is a convenient portable charger for topping up your battery whenever you need.

This is the standard charger 4 Amp charger. It recharges a PowerPack 400 fully from flat in 3.5 hours and a PowerPack 500 fully in 4.5 hours. You can charge your battery whenever you want to – just top it up when you come home from your ride. The charger will switch itself off when it has finished charging.

It is compatible with all the Bosch e-bike batteries (300 wh, 400 wh or 500 wh) and the various types – rack battery, downtube or the Powertube.

The charger comes with a two year warranty.


Please note that the Fast Charger (charges 50% quicker) is also available.